Sunday, July 27, 2014

Documents for Visit Visa to the US

Documents for Visit Visa to the US

(If you have close relative or sponsor it is easier to get a VISA to the US)

For visa appointment
1 Passport copy
2 Parents' date of birth
3 Qualifications (SSLC and above) Name of Institution & University, Year    of study and name of the course.
4 Name of countries visited within last 5 years
5 Property details (area)
6 Bank balance amount FD and SB
7 Occupation, name of employer, address, phone numbers, duties,  duration of work etc.
8 2 Visa photos each ( Whit Background)
9 Sponsor's full name, US address, phone number and e-mail address

Local support documents
1 Marriage certificate
2 Birth certificate
3 Land & house property tax receipts
4 Bank Certificate of Savings Account
5 Fixed Deposit Receipt / Certificate
6 Job Letter
7 Family Ration Card
8 Phone Bill
9 ID Card (family)
10 Photos, Colour, white background 50 mm x 50 mm size, 4 each
11 Income tax Returns/ PAN Card
12 RC Book of Vehicles owned
13  Family Photo (one)
14 New and Old Passports

Documents from the US
1 Affidavit of support from  1-134
2 Job letter
3 Bank Letter Certificate
4 Passport Copies US Passport Copy (photo page)
5 Income Tax Returns last (2012/ 2013 year copy)
6 W2 Form Copy 2012/2013
7 Invitation Card
8 Birth Certificates Copy/SSLC Copy/Marriage Certificate Copy (anyone

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