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Post-Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management in Canada

Post-Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management in Canada

Build on your education and life experience with the Post-Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management.

Business specialists such as human resource managers, marketing professionals, accountants, and entrepreneurs are among Canada’s top 10 highest paid personnel. The tourism sector may soon become the number one industry in BC; it already offers the most employment opportunities. There are currently 115,000 direct tourism jobs in BC.

You'll Benefit From

The two-year Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the ever-changing and competitive business world in Canada, specifically the hospitality industry. The second year includes core business courses in the areas of Accounting, Management, Marketing and Economics, and takes place at the Campus.


First year courses include

·         Hospitality Marketing
·         Convention, Sales, and Catering Service
·         Accommodation Management
·         Cost controls
·         Hospitality HR Management
·         Hospitality Law

Second year courses include

·         Project Management
·         E-commerce
·         Financial Accounting
·         Multicultural Management
·         Business Policy
·         Developing a Business Plan
·         Managerial Accounting

Paid Work Term

The Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management includes a paid 4-month work term from May-August. Students will be given the opportunity to interview for positions in the hospitality industry either locally, in larger cities, or in resort areas.The work term is a required component of the Post Graduate Diploma.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the following Post-Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management requirements.


·    International applicants must have completed a minimum of a 2-year diploma or Bachelor’s degree from a recognized English speaking post-secondary institution.
      English 12 with a grade of C+ or higher, or IELTS 6.5 overall band score, or equivalent on other internationally recognized English Language Proficiency Tests.  Learn more about the accepted international language test scores.
      Foundations of Math 12 or Pre-calculus 11 with a grade of “C+” or better or equivalent.  Applicants who cannot demonstrate Math prerequisites can upgrade their math skills during the first semester of the Post Graduate Diploma.  All applicants will be required to take an assessment test, which will be used to assess an applicant’s math skills and to determine what upgrading courses are required.
      Principles of Math 12 and at least one Science 11 are recommended.

Early Entry

·    Applicants who lack the admission requirements may still gain admission to the program through a multi-level entry system which allows students to take a combination of business and upgrading courses in the first year.
      This mode of entry may extend the duration of the program accordingly as not all courses are offered every term.

Part-Time Study

Part time students may be admitted to classes where space permits.  However, only full-time students are eligible for Co-op work term experiences.
Subject to space limitations and prerequisites, students who wish to take fewer than the maximum number of courses in any semester may do so.

Calendar Year:              2014/2015
Tuition:                           $8,950.00
Learning Resource:         $179.26
Student Union:               $144.70
Student Activity:             $57.36
Health & Dental:             $327.76

Year 1

Course of Studies

Course         Name                                                          Credit
RHOT 150    Tourism: An Industry Perspective                          3
          Total 3

Semester 1

Course        Name                                                                 Credit

RHOT 159    Business Communication                                     3
RHOT 162    Supervisory Food and Beverage Service                 3
RHOT 250    Hospitality Marketing I                                       3
RHOT 259    Business Communications II                                3
RHOT 270    Convention, Sales and Catering Services               3
      Total 15

Semester 2

Course        Name                                                                 Credit

RHOT 153    Organizational Leadership for the Resort Industry 3
RHOT 161    Accommodations                                              4
RHOT 164    Food and Beverage Cost Controls                       3
RHOT 254    Hospitality Human Resources Management          3
RHOT 272    Hospitality Law                                                3
     Total 16

Semester 3

Course        Name                                                                 Credit

RHOT 171    Work Term                                                     0
     Total  0

Course Descriptions

RHOT 150 - Tourism: An Industry Perspective
RHOT 159 - Business Communication
RHOT 162 - Supervisory Food and Beverage Service
RHOT 250 - Hospitality Marketing I
RHOT 259 - Business Communications II
RHOT 270 - Convention, Sales and Catering Services
RHOT 153 - Organizational Leadership for the Resort Industry
RHOT 161 - Accommodations
RHOT 164 - Food and Beverage Cost Controls
RHOT 254 - Hospitality Human Resources Management
RHOT 272 - Hospitality Law
RHOT 171 - Work Term

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