Friday, August 1, 2014

NMC Registration & Placement in the UK

NMC Registration & Placement in the UK

Your application to NMC:

1.   To get the application from NMC, you need to send an updated CV with all your academic and professional certificates and the required fee.

2.   Within 20 days you will get the 1st pack.  

3.   You need to send the filled application pack back to NMC.

4.   Within the next 30 days of NMC receiving your first pack, you will get the 2nd pack.

5.   You need to fill this up and send back to NMC along with documents from:

·         Verification from the nursing council
·         Verification from the college of nursing along with transcript
·         Professional references from the current & previous employers

6.   When all of these documents are received by the NMC, they start your assessment.

7.   After the assessment, they will issue the decision letter.

The ONP Programme & Placement

1.   After the candidate receives the Decision Letter, applies to a University in the UK for admission to the ONP Programme. (The ONP Programme usually lasts for 3- 9 months, depending on the efficiency of the candidate.  However, under the new regulations you will travel to the UK immediately after you receive your VISA and start working with full pay.)

2.   After we get an offer letter from the University we need to apply for visa, which is a Tier 4 Student Visa with one year validity.

3.   Before the Visa Application the candidate has to undergo a medical checkup.

4.   Then the candidate has to apply online for visa and the original documents are directly submitted to VFS, in the respective cities in India.

5.   Usually within 2 to 3 weeks the candidate receives the VISA.

6.   Then flight ticket is booked and the candidate travels to the UK for the ONP programme.

Why Careerflyt?

·         One of the oldest most trusted overseas registration and placement organizations with an unblemished track record of over a decade.

·         Over 1000 candidates have used our services to migrate to countries like the UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and the US.

·         Our service fees are very client friendly and the lowest in this segment.

·         No service fee until you receive your VISA.

·         Direct service partners in all the countries we service.

·         Run by very reputed and educated individuals with academic credentials.

·         Backed by one of the most reputed and largest IELTS training centres in India.

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